Ground Source Heat Pumps

A GSHP is an energy efficient, renewable energy solution that is particularly suited to properties on larger plots.

Up to 400% efficient, this type of heat pump extracts the free heat from the ground, using this for heating and hot water. A GSHP helps to reduce your carbon footprint and can even lower your energy bills.

  • Incredibly efficient, a GSHP transfers around four times more energy into the property as heat than it uses to extract it from the ground
  • MCS approved for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)
  • Well-suited to properties on larger plots
  • Ground loop or bore hole installation options
  • Virtually silent operation

How do Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP) work?

Where typical central heating systems burn fossil fuels in order to generate heat, GSHPs use electricity to harvest heat from the ground.

A GSHP does this by using a network or pipes – either ground loops or boreholes – that are buried in the ground. These are filled with a refrigerant that gently extract the heat, before passing it through a compressor in the GSHP to increase its temperature. This higher-grade heat energy is then used for heating and hot water.

Ground Source Heat Pump Costs

When considering a GSHP, cost is always going to be a key consideration. You’ll want to find out more about how much a GSHP costs to install, their running costs and what to expect with maintenance.

A well-designed GSHP will be as much as 4x more efficient than a gas boiler, deliver low running costs and benefit from the Boiler Upgrade Scheme payment – all whilst being cleaner for the environment at the same time.

However, a key restriction to GSHP’s are the amount of space required. We would recommend that around 3x the footprint of the property is available in land for your installation e.g. for a 200m² house, you would need 600m² of land available.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme does provide slightly more funding (£6000) towards GSHP installations because of the increased costs.

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