Enhance Your Business with EV Charging Points

Electric vehicles (EVs) are shaping the future of transportation, making it cleaner and more sustainable. Blue Leaf Energy offer SMART and efficient EV charging systems tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses across various sectors.


Why Invest in Commercial EV Charging Points?

With the increasing number of EVs on the road, businesses are presented with an opportunity to enhance their sustainability credentials, attract and retain customers or employees, and potentially develop a new revenue stream. A commercial EV charge point is not just a charging station; it's a sign of your commitment to a cleaner future and progressive business practices.


Installation and Management

Our team of certified and experienced installers ensure a seamless installation process. Starting with a site survey and consultation, we design a site specific EV charging solution that matches your business's specific needs and goals.

Beyond the installation, we offer complete management support. With our smart charging systems, you can control, monitor, and optimise your charging stations remotely, manage user access, and even set pricing for usage.

Grants and Funding

Several grants and incentives are available to businesses wishing to install EV charging points, including the Office for Low Emission Vehicles’ (OLEV) Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) or EV Infrastructure Grant for Staff and Fleets. As authorised OLEV Installers, we will guide you through the process of applying for these grants, making it easier for your business to make the transition to greener transportation.

Choose Blue Leaf Energy for Your Commercial EV Charging Needs

Embrace the EV revolution with Blue Leaf Energy. We offer end-to-end EV charging solutions, from consultation and installation to after-sales technical support, helping your business make a significant stride towards a sustainable future.

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