Commercial Solar PV Solutions

Blue Leaf Energy's experienced and qualified PV engineers can design and install commercial solar PV systems to meet your specific businesses energy needs.

With the rising demand for renewable energy sources, an increasing number of businesses are investing in commercial rooftop solar panel installations. These systems not only offer financial gains and environmental contributions, but also promote positive public relations (PR) for your company. The installation procedure, requiring knowledge in engineering, electrical work, and project management, can be seamlessly handled with the right expertise.

As experienced MCS installers of commercial PV systems, Blue Leaf Energy engineers can guide businesses through this process, ensuring optimal returns on their renewable energy investments.

Harness the Power of Your Rooftop

A building’s rooftop is not only a shelter from rain; it can also be an asset and a source of economical electricity for your business. Indeed, the most significant financial returns from solar PV are in the commercial sector.

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A Comprehensive Process from Start to Finish

The key to a successful commercial solar installation lies in thorough planning and project management.

Blue Leaf Energy offers a full turnkey solution, from the initial free consultation to the final commissioning and aftercare for your new system. A dedicated Project Manager will serve as your constant point of contact throughout, ensuring engineer delivery is high quality, timely and cost-efficient.

Our in-house qualifications and experience in commercial solar power projects enable us to manage all stages of planning, design, and construction.

Benefits of Commercial Rooftop Solar Panels

Commercial rooftop solar panels offer multiple benefits, including:

The Synergy of Battery Storage & Solar PV

Having a solar PV system is an essential step towards energy efficiency, but coupling it with a battery storage solution is what unlocks the full potential of your renewable energy system. A commercial battery storage system allows you to retain excess solar energy produced during the day, making it available for use during peak load hours, avoid peak tariffs or overcast days. This ensures that your surplus power is put to optimal use, instead of being sent back to the grid for low revenue returns.

Industrial Solar Panel Systems

Blue Leaf Energy is also equipped to deliver solar panel installations on industrial buildings like factories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. These installations are similar to commercial rooftop solar systems but generally larger in scale to cater to the energy needs of industrial operations.

Industrial solar rooftop installations can significantly reduce energy costs, improve sustainability, and bolster a company’s reputation for environmental responsibility. By generating their own solar power, industrial businesses can decrease their dependence on grid electricity, leading to potential savings on energy bills. These systems also tend to have the best ROI’s and lowest payback periods.

Solar Farms & Ground Mount Systems

At Blue Leaf Energy, we also install solar farms and other ground mounted systems tailored to industrial settings / objectives. Whether on vast expanses of unused land or integrated within existing industrial facilities, our installations can cater to the energy needs of large-scale operations. Similar to commercial rooftop systems but on a grander scale, these solar farms offer substantial energy cost savings and significant sustainability effects. By harnessing large scale solar power on-site, businesses can: reduce reliance on grid electricity, offer grid-balancing yielding significant financial returns and reinforce their commitment to meeting Net Zero targets. With exceptional ROI and rapid payback periods, solar farm systems can offer unrivalled efficiencies and returns.

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