Commercial Heat Pump Systems

Blue Leaf Energy's experienced engineers have the skills and knowledge to provide a range of clean, efficient heating solutions for businesses.

Commercial Heat Pump Systems can bring to businesses in all industries a multitude of benefits including: enhanced efficiency, lowered operational costs and a reduction in carbon emissions. We partner with organisations from various sectors, offering comprehensive project management, from the design and supply to the installation of robust, high-performance systems.

We provide commercial air source heat pumps and ground source (geo-thermal) heat pumps capable of delivering industrial-grade hot water and space heating. Our expertise extends to integrating heat pump technology with other renewable systems such as solar PV, battery storage and other measures to create holistic business energy solutions for the future.

Whether your company needs temperature regulation to keep staff comfortable, or if your manufacturing processes demand high temperatures, our certified consultation and feasibility surveys are here to help you identify a heat pump system that best meets your requirements and provides maximum potential benefits.

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Key Advantages of Blue Leaf Energy's Commercial Heat Pumps

• Lessen your carbon footprint and boost your sustainability credentials (ISO:14001)
• Achieve significant savings on annual energy expenses
• Experience long-lasting reliability with minimal maintenance
• Specified systems can both heat and cool environments
• District heating: Capable of providing efficient heat to multiple buildings within one site

District Heating

District Heating Solutions

Our skilled engineers at Blue Leaf Energy possess extensive experience in district heating systems, capable of supplying heat to numerous buildings on one location.

Compared to traditional district heating solutions like Gas Combined Heat & Power (CHP), ground source heat pumps are proving to be a simpler, more effective, and efficient heating solution in District Heating Systems.

Commercial Heat Pumps

Send a Sustainability Message

Choosing to install a commercial heat pump system sends a powerful message about your company's commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, while concurrently boosting your bottom line.

Heat pumps are a completely fuel-free alternative heating system. They provide heating and hot water in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and emission-free manner.

No matter the size of your company, installing renewable technologies will play a pivotal role in helping the UK achieve its carbon-neutral future by 2050.

Cut Down Your Company’s Energy Use

Nearly every business, from factories and shops to office blocks, requires daily heating and hot water. Traditional heating methods, which burn fossil fuels, can add significant sums to your company’s outgoing expenditure due to the volatile costs of sourcing and burning fuel.

Switching to our heat pump systems (which harness free energy from the earth, water, or air) reduces utility bills as you pay only for the electricity needed to operate the heat pump. A well-performing ground source heat pump can reach efficiencies of 400%, offering 4kWh of heat energy for every 1kW of electricity consumed, a vast improvement over a new gas boiler operating at 90% efficiency.

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