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Understanding Voltage Optimisation

Voltage optimisation is an advanced energy saving technology that Blue Leaf Energy can integrate into your electrical systems. This technique is specifically designed to control and manage the voltage supplied to your site, ensuring it aligns with your electrical equipment's optimal voltage needs. By optimising the power supply, we can significantly improve energy efficiency, resulting in reduced energy consumption, lower carbon emissions, and significant savings on your businesses energy costs.

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The Process of Voltage Optimisation

The voltage optimisation technique we employ is a straightforward yet effective process. It starts with a thorough understanding of your site's power supply, noting that UK sites are usually supplied with voltage higher than what most equipment require. To remedy this, we introduce a voltage optimisation system that moderates the incoming supply to a level that aligns perfectly with your equipment’s needs. This approach curtails the wastage of energy, extending the life of your electrical equipment, and helping you save costs.

Benefits of Voltage Optimisation

When you employ voltage optimisation technology from Blue Leaf Energy, you unlock a series of benefits:

Fixed and Electronic-Dynamic Optimisation

We offer two primary types of voltage optimisation solutions:

  1. Fixed Optimisation: This is the most common voltage optimisation technology, providing a set level of voltage reduction that is ideal for sites with stable voltage profiles and consistent energy consumption patterns.
  2. Electronic-Dynamic Optimisation: This is a more sophisticated solution, offering variable voltage reduction that adjusts to changing energy needs. It is best for sites with fluctuating voltage profiles or variable energy consumption patterns.

A Complete Energy Solution

At Blue Leaf Energy, our goal is not just to offer individual energy solutions but comprehensive energy management strategies. Voltage optimisation is one key aspect of our larger portfolio of services, which also includes renewable energy solutions, energy storage solutions, EV charging and more.

We strive to work closely with our clients, understanding your energy needs and designing a specific energy management strategy that reduces costs, improves efficiency, and decarbonises your business.

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